Training Programs

Our training programs are second to none, providing one-of-a- kind training to our students to prepare them for a rewarding career ahead. In addition to receiving a certification upon completion of our program, we also prepare students for the tattoo licensing exam as well as assist with job placement. During the training course, our students are provided with live models for which to refine their skills. Our accreditation through the state insures the best education and job placement post-graduation.

Program I

Eyebrows Microblading
Powder Eyebrows Technic
Lip Liner & Lip Blushing

Program Length: 60 hours

Program Fee: $2,500.

Registration Deposit: $500.

Sterilization and Sanitation

All phases of cross-contamination prevention and BBP (Blood Born pathogen control.

Procedure Room Setup

Learn proper protocol according to OSHA, CDC and NIOSH guidelines from initial procedure room prep–completion of the client’s service.

Proper Use of Topical Anesthesia

Learn what is legal to use and how to apply topical for optimal potency.

Needle Groupings

Learn what, why, and how to effectively choose for better exposure.


Learn the proper art and application of the Eyebrow, Hair Simulation for men and woman, Powder Eyebrows Techniques, Lip Liner, and Lip Blushing.

Makeup Artistry with Symmetry

This is the fundamentals of all great procedures.

Machine Techniques

Learn to use the hand tool, rotary coil, and/or digital machine for efficacy.

Before & After Procedure Care

Proper protocol must be adhered to for successful results. Educate your client before, during, and after their procedures on proper self care for their new permanent application.

Color Theory

Proper color theory is essential for great procedure results. Pigment mixing is an integral part of our curriculum. While you need to know the basics of the procedure, a lack of knowledge about the proper colors to work with will yield less than perfect results.

Skin Undertones

Discern the difference between cool and warm undertones through an unforgettable power point presentation teaching the 5 easy steps.


How to carry out a perfect consultation, ensuring the client will make an appointment thereafter.

Product Knowledge

Learn all about your pigment, choosing the correct and most effective anesthesia, as well as what you will need for each procedure and why.

Program II

Beauty Makeup Fundamental

The Beauty Makeup program introduces the necessary fundamentals of makeup application. This program prepares students to work as Makeup Artists at movie studios, photo studios, and also fashion shows.

Program Length: 80 hours

Program Fee: $2,500.

Registration Deposit: $500.

Describe skin structure
Perform basic skincare
Apply proper health and hygiene techniques
Identify skin tones and undertones
Select and apply different foundation textures
Shape eyebrow with appropriate products
Apply knowledge of eye shapes and correctional eye makeup
Apply knowledge of lip shapes and correctional lip makeup
Create natural, classic, dramatic, and glamorous makeup applications
Select the appropriate products and makeup for mature skin